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Wedding Rings Sydney CBD

Wedding rings are part of a tradition dating back several thousand years. Christian and Jewish ceremonies have incorporated the rings for many hundreds of years; but there is evidence that the ancient Egyptians had wedding rings many centuries BC. Even back then the symbolism of a ring (a circle) was though to represent eternity, and the ring finger was thought to have a vein that went directly to the heart. Though there have been many variations across cultures the wedding ring is universally considered important.


Being able to set a diamond in a wedding ring was once a privilege reserved for the aristocracy. But by the 20th century this practice had reached most married couples. This is partly due to the availability of quality gemstones, but more due significance of the diamonds themselves, which many people continue to find attractive.


Whatever the individuals’ taste a wedding ring can be found or made to suit them. In the past wedding rings in the Sydney CBD were usually purchased as retail items, but it is now becoming more common to select a suitable wholesale gemstone and set in accordingly. As every individual in unique it makes sense to give each bride a unique ring.