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Diamond Shop Sydney City

There are many retailers for jewellery in the Sydney city. There are also wholesalers and second-hand shops that deal with rings and isolated diamonds. There are different services to consider.


Diamond Shop Sydney City


Diamonds sold a wholesale can later be set in a ring. This gives a lot a choice regarding the appropriate combination of ring and stone.


Ring Setting

If you have a diamond you can have it set in any number of ways. This gives a lot of different options.

It is also quite possible to create a second ring that matches another ring. A new ring can be made to match an heirloom, or another custom made ring.



Valuations are mainly for insurance purposes. We recommend insurance, and advise an accurate assessment. If you overestimate the value of the item the premiums will be higher, so we recommend a competent professional.



Exactly as expected. Get a professional cleaning once a year. Avoid any home cleaning tricks as some products (like chlorine) can damage a ring’s metal. Get professional cleaning, or at least professional cleaning advice.