Recent Diamond Finds

There is something called the diamond miner’s dilemma.   Diamonds are extracted from the ground. If they are in the igneous rock known as kimberlite […]

Light Cut Diamond

Those who remember high school mathematics should know what a parabola is. One of the many interesting things about a parabola is the focal point. […]

Synthetic Stones

There have been substitutes for diamonds for many centuries. These were Cubic Zirconia or moissanite or something similar. Though these were sometimes reasonably valuable gems […]

Other Gemstones

Diamonds are usually at the top of a very expensive heap when it comes to gems, partly because they look impressive, partly because a quality […]

Checking the Authenticity of a Diamond

Just in case a diamond purchase looks too good to be real it is best to check that the gem is not fake.   Diamonds […]

Why are Diamonds So Hard?

Any High School Chemistry student can tell you that diamonds and graphite are made from pure carbon. So why is one soft while the other […]

Photograph Your Diamond

The whole point of a diamond it to look impressive. Capturing this impressive look in a photo is rather tricky.   Focus No diamond will […]

Ring Settings 3

Cathedral Setting This is a larger setting, raising the gem above the top of the ring and holding it in place with several elegant arches. […]

Ring Settings 2

There are several ways to set a gemstone in a ring. A larger gemstone may be the main part of a ring, and set accordingly. […]

Ring Settings

Few things exist in isolation. Diamonds are usually bought with an eye for setting them in a ring or some other piece of jewellery. Some […]

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