Other Gemstones

Diamonds are usually at the top of a very expensive heap when it comes to gems, partly because they look impressive, partly because a quality diamond (one without significant flaws) is fairly rare. Yet there are other Gemstones worth considering, and combining different gems in one setting can produce impressive results.



Named after the Latin term for red (ruber), rubies actually come in purple and near blue tints. Nonetheless the red variety is considered the most desirable.


Rubies are almost as hard as diamonds, measuring 9 on a scale of 10. In terms of value they are also in second place, though this varies between individual stones. A good ruby is worth more than an ordinary diamonds, but a diamonds or rare colour is worth more than both.


Just as the colour of a diamond appears different according to the metal it in, so the colour of a ruby can also appear different. This can be used to advantage with rubies set in gold. The yellow of the gold appears to neutralize the blue component of a slightly purple ruby, making it look more red. As the redness is the most desirable aspect of the gemstone this make the piece look more valuable.



These have a similar chemical composition and structure to a ruby, but with a different colour, usually blue. Really, a ruby is a red sapphire, red being the most rare and valuable variety. In some places the distinctions vary; a gem termed a pink sapphire in the USA is considered a light coloured ruby in most other parts of the world. However, the monetary value is consistent across these distinctions – the darker red gem stone is worth considerably more.



In contrast to the other gemstones a good emerald is vivid green. An emerald is actually a green variety of beryl, an aluminium cyclosilicate. But the rarity of the green colour of beryl, combined with the fact that it is very rarely found without impurities, makes good quality emeralds fairly rare and valuable.


An emerald can look impressive against diamonds. The human mind is attracted to the idea of pure colours. Pure red, green and blue, in the form of a ruby, emerald and diamond, look impressive for this very reason.