Recent Diamond Finds

There is something called the diamond miner’s dilemma.   Diamonds are extracted from the ground. If they are in the igneous rock known as kimberlite they are usually sorted with automated equipment.  Previously this automatic equipment would reduce the kimberlite to pieces of ore 30mm or less in size. Unfortunately […]

Light Cut Diamond

Those who remember high school mathematics should know what a parabola is. One of the many interesting things about a parabola is the focal point. Reflective surfaces made in the shape of a parabola will reflect light through this focal point, meaning all light reflected will come out of a […]

Synthetic Stones

There have been substitutes for diamonds for many centuries. These were Cubic Zirconia or moissanite or something similar. Though these were sometimes reasonably valuable gems in their own right they were worth much less than a genuine diamond, so could be considered counterfeits. This situation with substitutes has been complicated […]

Other Gemstones

Diamonds are usually at the top of a very expensive heap when it comes to gems, partly because they look impressive, partly because a quality diamond (one without significant flaws) is fairly rare. Yet there are other Gemstones worth considering, and combining different gems in one setting can produce impressive […]

Checking the Authenticity of a Diamond

Just in case a diamond purchase looks too good to be real it is best to check that the gem is not fake.   Diamonds disperse heat far more rapidly than most substances. If you breathe on a diamond it will not fog up, or at least not for very […]

Why are Diamonds So Hard?

Any High School Chemistry student can tell you that diamonds and graphite are made from pure carbon. So why is one soft while the other hard? How can diamonds, the hardest naturally occurring substance known, be made of the same substance as soft graphite?   Of course the difference is […]

Photograph Your Diamond

The whole point of a diamond it to look impressive. Capturing this impressive look in a photo is rather tricky.   Focus No diamond will look good out of focus, unless you just want a nice, bright reflection. Many phone cameras do have an automatically focus function, but this often […]

Ring Settings 3

Cathedral Setting This is a larger setting, raising the gem above the top of the ring and holding it in place with several elegant arches. Unlike the prongs on many other rings, which display the gemstone by using the minimal amount of metal possible, the cathedral setting makes the setting […]

Ring Settings 2

There are several ways to set a gemstone in a ring. A larger gemstone may be the main part of a ring, and set accordingly. Smaller stones are often set in a different way. As such it is not uncommon for rings to have larger and smaller stones set in […]

Ring Settings

Few things exist in isolation. Diamonds are usually bought with an eye for setting them in a ring or some other piece of jewellery. Some of the ring options include.   Prong Setting This is the traditional method, and remains popular. The prong is a little piece of metal that […]