Diamond Myths

Diamonds Are Forever This was both an advertising campaign and the tittle of a James Bond adventure. A diamond can retain its brilliant appearance for many centuries under reasonable conditions. It can also be shattered with a hammer!   Diamonds are the hardest substance known. Close. Diamonds are the hardest […]

Cleaning Diamond Jewellery

A diamonds are extremely hard it would be easy to assume that they are immune to damage. But diamonds are often housed in gold settings, and it is all too easy for these to be damaged. Additionally, other jewellery can easily be damaged by poor cleaning techniques. It is best […]


Dresden Green This is a 41 carat apple-green diamond, presently amongst the crown jewels of the Dresden palace in Germany. It is one of the very few natural occurring green diamonds, its distinctive colour being the result of exposure to radiation. Some gems are artificially coloured by radiation exposure, but […]


Hope Diamond This is best known for its supposed curse. A blue colour, the Hope Diamond came from India, and was sold to the French King Louis 14th in 1668. It disappeared during the French revolution around 1792, with its royal owners being beheaded. This is recorded case of its […]

About Diamond (FAQ)

Why are Diamonds Expensive? This is mostly due to rarity. When mining Diamonds approximately 23 tonnes of earth are excavated to yield 5 carats (1 gram) of weigh in diamond. Furthermore, only 20% of the diamonds found are suitable for jewellery; others are used for industrial purposes. I heard there […]