Ring Settings 3

Cathedral Setting

This is a larger setting, raising the gem above the top of the ring and holding it in place with several elegant arches. Unlike the prongs on many other rings, which display the gemstone by using the minimal amount of metal possible, the cathedral setting makes the setting a fundamental part of the design.


The raised height and general design make the gemstone look large, but the ring it inclined to get caught if the person is using their hands, this is not the safest option for a ring.


Bar Setting

This has a series of small, often identical diamonds placed around the ring. It differs from a channel setting by using metal between the gemstone to hold them in place and exposing them at the side of the ring. These rings sit comfortably with other rings, making them popular as part of a set.


Flush Setting

This sets the gemstone deep in the ring itself so that nothing protrudes above the surface. It tends to be a far safer than almost any other setting as there is little chance of the ring getting caught. As the setting process requires hammering this is not suitable for softer gemstones.


Three Stone Setting.

This has three gemstones set closely together at the top of the ring. Square cut gems are often used here as they fit together well. The three stones are traditionally held to represent the past, present and future. Often the type of stones in this setting are mixed, meaning there are many colour variations.