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Any quality gemstone has the potential to make an impressive ring. Any quality gemstone that you like has the potential to be the ring you always wanted. Buying a quality diamond wholesale allows you to find a stone that suits you well, and to save money on the purchase. This gemstone can be set in any one of countless different ring designs. Anybody who wants a specific design of ring, who wants a unique piece of jewellery, or wants to make an item that matches a family heirloom, can take advantage of a wholesale diamond and custom setting.


There are various types of diamond. They are categorized by weight, colour, carat (weight).

The colour of a diamond is due to impurities or the effects of radiation. While impurities might be considered undesirable in other situations they only occur rarely with diamonds, and often give a very desirable effect. The preference for different colours is partly a matter of taste, partly a matter to consider when setting the stone. A slightly yellow diamond will not suit platinum setting very well, but may be quite effective in a gold one. Other colours should always be considered in light of the setting they receive.


An engagement ring is one of the few purchases that is meant to last lifetime. As such, it represents an opportunity to be a little extravagant. Like the marriage partner the individuals involved should find the ring that truly suits them. Nobody should accept or refuse a proposal based on the ring, but a ring should reflect the significance of the occasion. A unique engagement ring appeals to the uniqueness of the individual; it was made for that person alone. It is worth spending some time, thought on as it is a lifetime investment.


The wholesale price of diamonds makes for many options when designing a ring. An engagement ring in Sydney CBD is quite an affordable option, and all the better for all the possible custom designs possible.